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Industry Automation (IA), Process Automation (PA), or Factory Automation (FA), we just call them as FA (Factory Automation) on our website.
Because all these control products relating to automation are adopted for factory manufacture.

It is well known that China is “World’s Manufactory”.
Spontaneously, industry automation in China boomed, and became the biggest market in the world.
At the same time, we are happy to find that Chinese government is taking measures in order to accelerate the development of manufacturing industry to a creative orientation, which means that products with new technology, special technology, and advanced technology will improve their market share gradually.

There are a great many products referring to Factory Automation, such as Industrial Computer, PLC, Inverter, AC Servo, Human-Machine Interface, Sensor, LVS (Low Voltage Switch ), Field Bus, Field Human-Machine Interaction, etc.
Also, detection devices of manufacturing process are included, for example, Measuring Instrument.
These devices relating to automation can run through the whole process of production.
For instance, the detection and layout of raw materials, the flow control and detection in manufacturing process, and the quality control and detection of end product. In the various and huge manufacturing industry, Automation Production is of a very important position.
Furthermore, it is the important insurance of putting quality and technology into effect.

We believe, many companies overseas have their specialty, and they are searching for the way entering into Chinese market.
AoteWell Sales Team is the best choice.

We have 10 year’s experience in automation industry.
We have our own technical service team.
Our sales are familiar with business expanding.
We are Chinese.
We know Chinese policy.
We know Chinese culture.
We know Chinese market.
Therefore, we know the customer in local China. China’s automation technology should be improved, so as to develop further.
Undoubtedly, the best way of resolve this problem is to bring in high-tech automation products more.
Meanwhile, China’s manufacturing industry developed the most rapidly of the world in recent 20 years, which has attracted more and more foreign products come into China. AoteWell Sales Team will keep the principle of “Technology First, Service First” persistently,
and welcome overseas partners, who would like to join Chinese market but have not done, to cooperate with us.

Sales you FA to China,  we are you Top partners!

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